The list of best sleepwear brands in Turkey cover manufacturing companies with most popular brands available in Turkish market and also in some other countries.

top sleepwear brands in turkey list

They offer the best quality and design, trendy women’s pajama sets, men’s pajama sets, kids pajamas and nightwear for women. Check the sites for their products and contact for business opportunities.

Best Sleepwear Brands in Turkey are:

  1. Aydogan Pajamas
  2. Penti Lingerie & Homewear
  3. Estiva Pajamas & Swimwear
  4. Sude Homewear Turkey
  5. Dagi
  6. Pijamoni
  7. Etoile
  8. Penye Mood Sleepwear
  9. Jeremi Saten Sleepwear
  10. Arcan Pajama Sets

Aydogan Orme - Pajamas & Sleepwear

Aydogan Sleepwear Turkey

Founded in 1972 in Istanbul, Aydogan Tekstil is a pioneer in the homewear and pajamas field. Known for its quality in turkey, and Aydogan currently exports sleepwear to more than 80 countries.

Aydogan sleepwear brand with its wide range of products like homewear, sleepwear and even underwear. Plus size sleepwear is also available in their range.


Turkish sleepwear brand Penti

Penti is one of the best and most popular lingerie brands in Turkey, with a wide range of sleepwear items. A very big manufacturera and has hundreds of retail stores across Turkey.

Penti is also a global Turkish brand with more than 100 stores in around 30 countries.


Estiva is a top Turkish brand in sleepwear and swimwear, manufactured by Karpat Textile since 1998. The sleepwear brand Estiva is available for sales in Turkey and many countries.

Estiva is an Izmir based company.

They offer a range of Hijab swimwear items as well.

Sude Homewear Turkey

Sude homewear Turkey

Sude Homewear is one of the biggest and most popular homewear brands in Turkey. They have other brands such as Ercan, and Charme as well.

Their main focus is Pajama Sets for women and also offering pajama sets for men and kids.

They are located in below address where you can buy wholesale pajamas.

Beştelsiz MH. Balıklı Yolu CAD. No : 34/B Zeytinburnu İstanbul

Dagi Sleepwear

Dagi started its acticities in 1984 as an underwear manufacturer.

Having many stores and exporting to many countries, Dagi has been a leading brand in lingerie, and sleepwear.

Dagi is especially known as a lingerie brand, however, they have very nice styles of homewear items like their high quality pajama sets for women and men.

Pijamoni Pajama Sets Wholesale

Pijamoni Pajama Sets

Pijamoni Tekstil, which has gained an important place in the pyjamas and nightwear sector with its strong, corporate structure and modern merchandising approach, is located in Zeytinburnu District of Istanbul. Since the year it was founded, it has become a rapidly preferred brand in the market with the Pijamoni brand. Pijamoni Tekstil, which has been developing and growing rapidly with its stable line without compromising its quality and brand image in the past 20 years, has managed to become an international company by exceeding the borders of the country in a short time.

Pijamoni Tekstil, which produces pyjamas and nightwear, increases its production every year with its product range for domestic and international markets and continues to offer you new options. As Pijamoni Tekstil team, our unchanging principles are quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable price. We will continue to offer our quality pyjamas suitable for every budget.

Etoile Pajama Sets

Turkish Sleepwear Brands: Etoile Pajamas

Etoile Sleepwear was founded in 1974 as a small manufacturing company for textile. The company now is among the top sleepwear manufacturers in Turkey with brands like: “troisetoile”,”evia”,”evian” ve ”Diana Zinner” 

Penye Mood Sleepwear Loungewear

penye moot turkey best sleepwear

Headquartered in Istanbul, Penye Mood offers a wide range of Loungewear, Home & Sleepwear and basic underwear products for the domestic and international market.

Started in 1989 with productions for brands such as Victorias Secret, Polo Ralph Laurent, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, the Penye Mood brand was established in 2001 with a lot of experience in high quality but still aggressive pricing.
In recent years, Penye Mood has become one of the leading brands in the Home and Housewear segment in Turkey and convinces customers in more than 20 countries with its outstanding material quality.

We currently sell an average of 1 million pieces per year, selling all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe, from Saudi Arabia to Switzerland.
We work with design offices as well as local designers and dealers for all our collections, which are produced exclusively in facilities that can provide Hohenstein Certification – tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Jeremi Saten Sleepwear

Jeremi is a leading Turkish sleepwear and loungewear brand focusing on high quality saten pajamas and sleepwear, loungewear sets. Jeremi exports their products to several countries Worldwide.


Arcan Sleepwear Manufacturer

Arcan was founded in 1990s in Zeytinburnu-Istanbul. The Arcan brand is a well-known sleepwear brand and manufacturing high quality pajama sets in its factory with around 300 staff.

Arcan is one of the leading sleepwear manufacturers in Turkey. It is also an export oriented company and offers wholesale pajamas to its customers in its Zeytinburnu store.

The company has 3 brands; Arcan, ARC, and Mihra.

Arcan sleepwear produces Velvet Pajama Sets, Viscose & Fleece Pajama Sets.

Address:Telsiz Mah, Balıklı Yolu, No:28/D, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Türkiye

Lingerie Vendor

Lingerie Vendor is the Turkish Expert of Lingerie & Homewear manufacturers and brands and offers a shopping experience for international customers from many Lingerie and Pajamas Vendors Located in Turkey.