These brands are part of the reason France is considered a leading country in the lingerie industry, with a broad offering that ranges from accessible everyday pieces to the most luxurious and bespoke designs. French lingerie is not just about fashion; it’s about a tradition of craftsmanship and a culture that views lingerie as an essential expression of femininity and art.

french lingerie brands list

Every French lingerie brand has its own special tale and a long history of making things beautifully and well. They really know how to make underwear that’s not just gorgeous to look at, but feels amazing and fits perfectly too. If you’re after that fancy touch of silk and lace or you want something that feels comfy while still looking stylish, the French are the experts in creating underwear that’s both pretty and practical.

1. Chantelle (Established in 1876)

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  • Strengths: Chantelle is renowned for its exceptional fit, high-quality materials, and timeless designs. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles.
  • Interesting Fact: Chantelle started as a small Parisian corset maker and has now become a global lingerie powerhouse. They were pioneers in creating elastic knits.

2. Lise Charmel (Established in 1950)

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  • Strengths: Lise Charmel is known for luxurious lingerie that combines rich embroideries and laces with comfort and fit.
  • Interesting Fact: Lise Charmel positions itself as a creator of haute couture lingerie, often incorporating silk and lace from Calais.

3. Aubade (Established in 1958)

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  • Strengths: Aubade is celebrated for its seductive styles, detailed craftsmanship, and its iconic advertising campaigns.
  • Interesting Fact: Aubade was the first to create the ‘lesson in seduction’ which is a series of cheeky and sexy advertisements that became a signature for the brand.

4. Simone Pérèle (Established in 1948)

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  • Strengths: Simone Pérèle focuses on the perfect combination of comfort, fit, and elegance, offering bras that don’t compromise on support.
  • Interesting Fact: The founder, Madame Pérèle, started by designing corsets and bras for her friends in a small Parisian workshop.

5. Empreinte (Established in 1946)

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  • Strengths: Specializing in larger cup sizes, Empreinte provides exceptional support without sacrificing beauty or style.
  • Interesting Fact: Empreinte offers a unique fitting experience in their stores, with personalized consultations to ensure the perfect fit.

French Lingerie Brands: Louisa Brancq

6. Etam (Established in 1916)

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  • Strengths: Known for providing a wide array of lingerie, nightwear, and swimwear at accessible price points. Etam is very much about trendy designs and keeping up with the latest fashions.
  • Interesting Fact: Etam has been a pioneer in the French market for over 100 years and is widely recognized for its annual live lingerie fashion show.

7. Passionata (Established in 1988)

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  • Strengths: A brand that targets a younger demographic with bold colors and fun, playful designs. It’s a sister brand to Chantelle, known for combining comfort with creative styles.
  • Interesting Fact: Passionata is known for its cheeky and vibrant ad campaigns that often feature high-profile models.

8. Eres (Established in 1968)

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  • Strengths: Eres is synonymous with high-end, luxury swimwear and lingerie, celebrated for its use of innovative, high-quality fabrics that hug the body perfectly.
  • Interesting Fact: Eres was a pioneer in using Lycra for its swimwear, revolutionizing the industry with swimsuits that offered an unprecedented combination of comfort and support.

9. Cadolle (Established in 1889)

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  • Strengths: Cadolle is one of the oldest lingerie houses in France, with a rich history of innovation in the world of corsetry and shapewear. The brand is known for its luxury and bespoke lingerie services.
  • Interesting Fact: The founder, Herminie Cadolle, is credited with inventing the modern bra during the late 19th century.

10. Lejaby (Established in 1930)

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  • Strengths: Maison Lejaby offers a mix of traditional and modern lingerie. They are known for their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, providing elegant lingerie that ensures comfort and fit.
  • Interesting Fact: Maison Lejaby has committed to maintaining production in Europe to ensure the highest quality for their garments.

11. Louisa Bracq (Formerly Secret d’Eva, established in 1946)

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  • Strengths: Specializes in crafting luxurious lingerie with an emphasis on sophisticated embroidery and lace, providing a contemporary look while maintaining traditional techniques.
  • Interesting Fact: Louisa Bracq is a family-run brand, and their products are often recognized by the unique and intricate designs created by their in-house embroidery designers.

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