list of top lingerie brands by country

Top Lingerie Brands by Country List

Discover the top lingerie brands in the World in our extensive list of lingerie brands by country. From Victoria's Secret to Laperla, this brands list will be so useful to you when searching for the best lingerie options in the market.

World's top 50 lingerie brands list

Top Lingerie Brands in the World

We covered in this post a list of best lingerie brands in the World. Top 10 of the lingerie brands posted have logo, andshort company descriptions. Then 40 top brands listed with basic info.

Lingerie Brand:Victoria's Secret

Brand: Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a renowned lingerie brand that has become synonymous with glamour, beauty, and sensuality. The story of Victoria’s Secret begins in San Francisco, California, in 1977, when Roy Raymond noticed a lack of inviting and comfortable lingerie shopping experiences for men.

Calvin Klein Logo

Brand: Calvin Klein

Know more about one of the World's biggest underwear and lingerie brands, Calvin Klein. When and where was it founded? And some facts about this famous brand.