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Wholesale Women's Pajama Sets

We present you Turkey’s Best Sleepwear Brands at wholesale prices. Check out our selection of top quality, stylish wholesale women’s pajama sets made from various materials to let you feel comfort of pajamas. Modal, Velvet, Cotton, & Bamboo Pajama Sets for women from Turkey. Below are women’s pajama sets in packs of 4 or 6. Prices are for each pack. There are also pajama models which are available for retail purchase still at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Pajama Prices are indicated for total package. (Packages contain series of 4-5 or 6 sets)

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Women's Pajama Sets

Buy quality women’s pajama sets of Turkey’s best Sleepwear brands here. You can choose from many styles and fabric options. We present Polar Welsoft Pajama Sets for Winter. Or see our selection from many other fabrica types, both short sleeve and long sleeve styles.

Wholesale & Retail Lingerie Sets

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of Lingerie Sets who ship internationally? Our line of lingerie sets are ideal for wholesale buyers and retail shoppers both. The lingerie brands we have are Turkey’s best brands and have great price tags for everyone.

You look either for yourself, or as a gift to your loved ones you will be happy with our items. Check our range of lingerie sets and do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions, 

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